Planning Commission

Planning Commission

Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at the Flushing City Hall, 725 E. Main Street, Flushing, Michigan 48433, at 6:30 p.m. They are subject to change due to holidays and/or lack of agenda items.

The Planning Commission reviews amendments to the zoning ordinance and makes recommendations to the City Council for changes to that document. They also have authority to approve site plans and the city Master Plan for future land uses.

Persons interested in obtaining a site plan approval must pay a fee for administration, plus the cost of professional services that the city requires for review of applications. The services may include the city planner, attorney, and/or the city engineer. Applications may be found here.

Re-zoning fees are based upon the costs to hold meetings and publications in the newspaper (a Charter requirement).

Site Plan Review Procedures

1. The petitioner submits six (6) copies of the Site Plan and an application to the City Manager, along with five (5) copies of the Application for preliminary review. Copies are distributed to the following persons and departments by the City Clerk: Department of Public Works; City Planner; Building Department; Police Department; Fire Department; City Engineer.

After Department Head and City Planner review, the petitioner will be notified of corrections that they have deemed necessary per ordinance provisions.

2. Upon resubmittal, twelve (12) copies of a revised site plan must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting for the purpose of acknowledging receipt and to begin the processing of the application for official action by the Planning Commission.

3. At the next regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting the reports of the departments and persons listed in item one are read, the applicant addresses the proposed Site Plan, comments may be received from the public, the Planning Commission discusses the site plan and after studying the site plan and the comments of each department, the Planning Commission either approves the site plan, approves with conditions, denies, or tables the site plan for additional information.

Petitions for Rezoning

1. The petitioner submits three (3) copies of the request form for rezoning to the City Manager. One copy of the request shall be submitted to the City Planner, one copy shall be submitted to the City Clerk and one copy shall remain with the City Manager’s office.

2. Following a complete study, in light of the City's adopted Master Plan, by the City Planner, the Planning Commission may schedule a public hearing on the rezoning request to be held at a regular meeting. A notice of the time, place, and reason for the public hearing is published in the official newspaper at least fifteen (15) days prior to the hearing. All railroads and public utilities owning property or operating within the district affected are notified by registered mail at least fifteen (15) days prior to the public hearing.

3. In addition to the above, the Planning Commission shall give a notice of the proposed rezoning to the owner of the property in question, to all persons to whom any real property within 300 feet of the premises in question is assessed, and to the occupants of all single and two-family dwellings within 300 feet. The notice shall be made not less than eight (8) days before the hearing stating the time, place, date and purpose of the hearing.

Following the public hearing and review of the City Planner's recommendation, the Planning Commission makes its recommendation for approval or denial to the City Council.

4. After reviewing the recommendation of the Planning Commission and studying the comments of all interested citizens made at the public hearing, City Council either approves or denies the request for rezoning.

Permitted Uses Subject to Special Conditions

1. The petitioner submits the request form (with an accompanying site plan) to the City Clerk. The petitioner must follow site plan review procedures (1 and 2) as previously outlined.

2. At their regular meeting, the Planning Commission reviews the request and schedules a public hearing on the special land use request to be held at a regular meeting. One notice of a public hearing shall be published in the newspaper of general circulation in the City, said notice shall be posted in the City offices, and shall be sent by mail or personal delivery to the owners of the property for which approval is being considered, to all persons to whom real property is assessed, within 300 feet of the boundary of the property in question, and to the occupants of all structures within 300 feet, except that the notice shall be given not less than five (5) and not more than fifteen (15) days before the application will be considered.

3. After reviewing the application and studying comments of all interested citizens made at the public hearing, the Planning Commission approves, approves with conditions, or denies the request for special land use approval and site plan.

Download: City of Flushing Zoning Map (As of 3/12/12)
Planning Commission Fees

 Fee Schedule
Site Plan application
Special Use application
Rezoning application
Request for a Special Meeting of the Planning Commission

Professional Consultant Review Services

(An escrow account will be required to opened with $600 per application)

Actual Cost
Temporary Sign permit

The City Council approved these fees to go into effect on July 1, 2018.

These fees are subject to change by action of City Council.