Mayor Joseph Karlichek

While the mayor’s office carries a great deal of responsibility, there are also many enjoyable aspects of the position.  For instance, the mayor is called upon to speak on many topics to our young people in their school settings, and to local community groups and organizations; the mayor has the privilege of presenting proclamations recognizing the achievements of young and old alike; the mayor also has the legal authority to perform marriage ceremonies. The mayor has an equal voice and vote in the proceedings of the Council, but shall have no veto power.

The City Council, has all municipal legislative powers as conferred by the laws of the State of Michigan, except as provided by the Charter of the City of Flushing and except those which may be exercised by the people through direct legislation.  The Council also has the power and authority, within constitutional limitations, to delegate by ordinance to Boards and Commissions such functions, powers, or authority conferred upon the City as the Council shall deem proper and advisable within its discretion.

Terms of Council members begin on the first Monday following the election.  A general municipal election is held every two years, with council members being elected for four year terms.  The Mayor is elected for a two year term.  At each general municipal election, the voters elect three members to serve as City Councilpersons, plus a Mayor, unless additional members are to be elected to fill a vacancy.  The City of Flushing has 4 District Councilpersons and two (2) At Large Councilperson representatives. In addition to the Mayor, the following individuals currently serve on the City Council.


Councilperson Brooke Good



Councilperson Karianne Martus

Karianne Martus – is serving her third term on city council as a result of the 2009, 2013 and 2017 elections.  Karianne has served on the Flushing City Planning Commission from January 2008 through October 2009.  She has also served as Mentor to the Flushing Youth Council.



Mayor Pro-Tem Richard Bade

Richard Bade has served the city on several boards, commissions and committees.   Most recently, he has served on the Planning Commission for over two years after serving on the City Council for over eight years. 


 Councilperson Patrick Scanlon


Councilperson Edward Sullivan



Councilperson Lynne Black

Lynne Black is serving her first – four (4) year term as an At-Large Councilperson.  She was elected in 2017. Prior to running for Council, Lynne served on the Flushing Planning Commission.