Mayor Joseph Karlichek

Joseph Karlichek is serving his first - two year term as mayor. He was elected in 2019. Joe can be reached on Facebook at joe.karlichek or by email at

Per Section 3.7 of the Official City Charter of the City of Flushing, the functional duties of the Mayor include:

a. Insofar as required by law and for all ceremonial purposes, the Mayor shall be recognized as the executive head of the City. They shall have an equal voice and vote in the proceedings of the Council, but shall have no veto power. They shall be the presiding officer of the Council.

b. They shall be a conservator of the peace and may exercise within the City the powers conferred upon sheriffs to suppress disorder and shall have the power to command the assistance of all able bodied citizens to aid in the enforcement of the ordinances of the City and to suppress riot and disorderly conduct.

c. They shall have authenticate by their signature such instruments as the Council, this Charter or the laws of the State of Michigan or of the United States shall require.

The City Council, has all municipal legislative powers as conferred by the laws of the State of Michigan, except as provided by the Charter of the City of Flushing and except those which may be exercised by the people through direct legislation.  The Council also has the power and authority, within constitutional limitations, to delegate by ordinance to Boards and Commissions such functions, powers, or authority conferred upon the City as the Council shall deem proper and advisable within its discretion.

Terms of Council members begin on the first Monday following the election.  A general municipal election is held every two years, with council members being elected for four year terms.  The Mayor is elected for a two year term.  At each general municipal election, the voters elect three members to serve as City Councilpersons, plus a Mayor, unless additional members are to be elected to fill a vacancy.  The City of Flushing has 4 District Councilpersons and two (2) At Large Councilperson representatives. In addition to the Mayor, the following individuals currently serve on the City Council.


Councilperson Brooke Good

Brooke Good is serving her first four year term as District I Councilperson. She was elected in 2019. Brooke can be reached by phone at (810) 347-1262 or by email at



Councilperson Dane Miller

 Dane Miller was elected at a Special Election held on August 4, 2020 to fill the vacant District II seat, with a term ending November 8, 2021.  He is serving the City of Flushing in this capacity for the first time.  Mr. Miller may be reached by email at

 Councilperson Danielle Smith

 Danielle Smith was elected at a Special Election held on August 4, 2020 to fill the vacant District III seat, term ending November 13, 2023.  Although she is a first-time Councilmember, Danielle is no stranger to public service as she has served on the Parks and Recreation committe for many years and has been an On-Call Fire FIghter since June 2004.  Danielle can be reached by telephone at 810-955-3816 or email at


Councilmember Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson was elected to represent District IV at a Special Election held on August 4, 2020, his term of office expires on November 8, 2021.  He is a first time Councilmember.  Eric can be reached at by email at or by phone at 810-569-0199.   


Councilperson Edward Sullivan

Edward Sullivan is serving his first - four year term as an At-Large Councilperson. He was elected in 2019. Ed can be reached via email at, by phone at 810-814-9231 or on Facebook at Ed Sullivan for the City.

Councilperson Dan Fralick

Dan Fralick was elected at a Special Election on August 4, 2020 to fill the vacant At-Large position, expiring November 8, 2021.  Dan is a familiar face around the CIty of Flushing, but this is his first term on City Council.  Dan can be reached by email at or by phone at 810-459-2323. 

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